Goals of the Program

  1. All participants will learn to develop different life skill to help them to become self-sufficient and be able to help their families.
  2. all participants will require to finish education.
  3. All participants will receive internship training with different companies. (tourism, cooking, etc)
  4. All participants will learn English.
  5. All participants will have responsibilities like taking care of the facilities and daily needs.
  6. All participants will do social work in the community.
  7. All participants will develop ethics training to teach them positive decision making.

Long Term Work Program

  1. Complete the 1 year program required by the Foundation where the participant finishes the whole program.
  2. Finish high-school and open possibility to attend college.
  3. Participants will receive mentoring, and psychological help.
  4. Within 6 months to 1 year, children in the Foundation can receive experience and become better individuals. Our target is that by the end of te program they want to help others to adapt to society after prison